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Starting Your Period


Why do I sometimes feel emotional during my period?

Emotional changes during or before your period are the result of hormonal changes in your body. Your hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are at their lowest level when your period starts. This causes you to feel down, moody, anxious or overly sensitive. These mood swings are part of the PMS symptoms that happen before your period.

Why do I argue so much with my parents?

Arguing sometimes with your parents is normal, especially during your teenage years when you start developing your own identity. You start developing your own opinions and making your own decisions. Your parents might find it hard to adapt to this new situation.
In the meantime, communication is the most important aspect in your relationship with your parents. You may be able to reach compromises and avoid endless fighting.
You should also keep in mind that your parents want what’s best for you, and this is why they are over-protective. They too were teenagers and most of the times can also relate to what you’re going through.

How can I overcome shyness?

The key to overcoming your shyness is to practice social behaviors and build confidence with the people you feel most comfortable around. Use eye contact and confident body language, smile, introduce yourself, ask questions. It might be useful to sometimes prepare beforehand what you want to talk about and rehearse in front of the mirror.
Focusing on your strengths is a major aspect that will help you build confidence. Think about your qualities and strengths. Ask people around you about your strengths and focus on them to build self-confidence. With a little effort from your side, you will overcome shyness before you know it.

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