Entering Menopause Entering Menopause Entering Menopause
Entering Menopause
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Understanding Menopause

Q: What are the stages of menopause?
Q: How do I know if I am entering menopause? What are the signs?
Q: My hot flashes aren’t as intense as the ones my friends describe. They’re actually more ‘warm’ than ‘hot’. Is this normal?
Q: Is bleeding after menopause normal?

Birth Control

Q: Now that I’ve begun menopause, do I still have to be concerned about birth control?

Relief from Menopause Symptoms

Q: I’m confused as to how to deal with my symptoms. Where should I start?
How can I reduce some of the symptoms I’m experiencing?
What is a good way to track my symptoms?

Feeling & Looking Good

Q: How do I overcome irritability or moodiness that comes with menopause?
Q: What can I do about facial hair I’ve developed as a result of menopause?
Q: How do I keep fit while going through menopause?
Q: What is osteoporosis and how can I avoid it?

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Entering Menopause